On The 234 Pearls and The Proposed Citizen Intervention in Sambisa Forest


Upon reading Dr Peregrino Brimah’s proposition of a citizen invasion of the evil Sambisa forest – Peregrino Brimah’s proposition – different emotions coiled within me.

A part of me was initially  gladdened to see such level of concern – at least on the face of it. We are often more willing to talk than act as a people, so to see efforts being made to confront terrorism by some people gave a little spark of hope within me, it probably did for many others. That spark was however momentary, lasting the few seconds of a thought and fizzling out the moment my reasoning took over. Continue reading


National Distractions and Our Forgetfulness

Life in Nigeria is full of drama whichever way you consider it. A huge portion of the population is an unwilling cast in a tragic story of hunger, poverty and other deathly circumstances while a privileged few enjoy ring-side seats watching their actions and nonchalance collectively deal mortal blows on their subjects. Those empowered with the instrument of governance daily exploit the machinery to store up inexhaustible treasures for themselves while equally playing a soothing lullaby for the benefit of the people. Only a few people amidst the dizzy lot struggle with the tranquilizing effect of the music and its accompanying flashes of light, mirages and disappearing acts. Continue reading

God is Good


Going through trying times can be challenging on all fronts, emotionally, psychologically and even spiritually. We sometimes hear people say God is punishing some other person with sickness because they sinned or that he visited someone with poverty because He wanted them to do His work but Psalm 34:8 says to us: “Taste and see that the Lord is good.” It’s not enough to hum the refrain of the popular worship song that “God is good”. It’s a scriptural truth that must be known and believed. Continue reading