Uncle Folly: Do You Know Who I Am?


Queue at a Fuel Station; credits: punchng.com

Uncle Folly was one of the bus drivers at my primary school. There was also Uncle Doyin and later Sir Jido. I am not sure which of the Yoruba names ‘Folly’ must have been a short form of. It could have been from ‘Folorunsho’, ‘Afolabi’ or something like that. One afternoon at a filling station, Uncle Folly brought the school bus up behind a Datsun saloon car but with some space in between and it was that space that a just-arriving driver of a Peugeot 504 tried to maneuver into. Uncle Folly went to have a word with him but it seemed one word would not be enough. Uncle Folly shouted in the man’s face “Se o mo bi mo se je sha?” which translates “Do you know who I am?” The other man replied: “Firigbon o silekun o, eni to ni kokoro dani ni” loosely translated a key opens the door not physical size. He did a bit of punching the air and Uncle Folly folded his arms. He pulled off his shirt and turned his back to show Uncle Folly series of scars. Uncle Folly smiled then dipped his right hand in his pocket to bring out a ring.
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