There is Nothing Wrong With Nigerians Who Are Impatient With the Government

President Buhari and Governor Obiano with VP Prof Yemi Osinbajo in the background

President Buhari and Governor Obiano with VP Prof Yemi Osinbajo in the background

The day you resume work, your employer starts assessing you. He expects you to know and do your job but occasionally comes around to make some input.

Sometimes, your employer will point out your tardiness, and how he expects certain deadlines to be met, failing which you get the stick.

This applies if you are the employer too.

So, imagine you hired a new driver and on your first inter-state trip with him, he decides to stop at a busy intersection on the Lagos-Ibadan expressway, the buzzing of petrol tanker horns and other vehicles assaulting your ears.

He neither intends to properly park by the side of the road, nor tell you the cause of the sudden halt right in the middle of the busy highway.

You will pat him on the back right?

I thought so too.

Okay, maybe he doesn’t stop totally, he just decides to take his feet off the gas while on the fast lane. I guess that will give you a good view of the surrounding foliage and bevy of trucks, right?

Oh, okay.

It is the end of the month, hopefully your salary has not been deducted by your employer for absconding from work without reason. It should seem you are a diligent worker then.

So, I’m wondering how come you use such terms as “foolish”, “stupid”, “naive” and the likes to describe fellow citizens not impressed that our employees like president Muhammadu Buhari, the governors, 109 senators and 360 federal representatives seem to be taking forever to get to work.

May 29 to June 29 is one month. That is N12bn gone in allowances and salaries for the national assembly. What is the output? Fisticuffs and other distractions. The House of Reps has suspended plenary for 30 days, that is another N12bn that will be paid for doing nothing. So and so shall the N150bn annual allocation of the national assembly go by.

The presidency has also been running for a month and trust me, they won’t be patient in drawing their salaries and allowances. Or have you seen the president being patient with the use of the presidential jet and other deserved privileges?

You want to wait for six months before saying anything because a man we love and voted for called for patience. Good. I only wish the over 50 people who have died from Boko Haram attacks in the last one month can afford such patience too. Their families won’t be able to postpone their grief until after six months too.

We should be clear on one thing however: expectations have reasonable time stamps. If you give a skilful tailor your expensive brocade and you’re rest assured he can give you a wonderful design in five days but you see the tailor lying down all day in front of his house for three full days after you gave him the dress, I bet you will get a band and sing halleluyah choruses till the fifth day when your dress will magically be perfectly sewn.

I thought so too.

And in case you are in that car in the middle of the expressway, kindly wait till a cement truck rams into your car and clears you and your driver into the nearby teaching hospital in Sagamu. If you’re lucky, you will caution the driver before you land on the mortician’s desk.

My grandma in Ijebu-Ode used to say, “omo t’o ba ma je ashamu, ati kekere lo ma ti ma s’enu shamu shamu”. It means the dawn sets the tone for the day.


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