Flash Fiction: #TrekforLove

(Heartbreak in a time of fuel crisis, as inspired by a conversation on radio).

They met at the subsidy rally in Ojota, the day Femi Kuti came. Femi wore a wry smile as fans took pictures with him. He gave her his Curve 2 to snap him with Femi and he in turn took a picture of her with radio. He twitpic-ed a picmixed version of the pictures with: #EnoughIsEnough, #GEJmustGo.

Last night, fully convinced his latest ‘P-setting’ would yield a fruitful DM today, he told her she could leave in the morning.

He even added that but for the fuel scarcity, he would have told her to leave last night and walk back to her place in Ojodu. She sulked and hugged his couch as he walked into the single bedroom in his apartment.

She was gone when he woke up. Good riddance, he sneered, heading to the bathroom.

At 6:30am, he picked his keys and headed to the car. It was when the car failed to start he remembered he picked the keys on the table and not on the TV, the usual place. The fuel meter read empty. That couldn’t be. He struggled for 3hours to fill his tank and even bought an extra keg yesterday.

He headed to the backyard to get the keg but it was not there, even his spare keg. Only his fuel hose laid there like a lifeless snake, petrol like liquid venom dripping at one end.

As he stood akimbo, head spinning around the consequence of getting to work late, his phone beeped.

It was her. A flash message: #EnoughIsEnough #TrekForLove


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