Reclaiming Nigeria As We Pray


It part-amuses me when certain people resort to only prayers everytime we face a challenge in this country. I’d rather people understand the situation and pray to receive revelations – solutions they will be involved in working out. Prayers and actions are not mutually exclusive as we make it seem in Nigeria.

Politicians who can’t remember the last time they had a personal study time of God’s word or heart-felt praying will come to prescribe prayers, seemingly suggesting how impossible to solve our problems is. In the same vein, many believers who never spared an hour to ponder on the dynamics of governance, effective leadership and the economy take it in and spin vigils, retreats and all out of it. We must pray, yet act. We must act on divine ideas received working by the strength of the spirit and professing our victory at the task of nation-building, not just wishing some people from nowhere will emerge to fix the country.

We plan conventions, pray fervently about them and appoint competent steering committees, Nigeria needs the same. If it was only prayer without action, the guest ministers may still be stranded at the airport three days after the convention started or the microphones might even still be lying in the church store by then.

It may not be obligatory but I seriously think more needs to be done by the church in raising and training leaders in all spheres of our politics and economy than is currently being done, because truth is, the church is one of our most organized and efficient structures of influence at the moment. Moreso, it’s easier to instillncertain virtues in the church environment than elsewhere. Having equipped new leaders, then it will be expedient to support them. Call that sowing into their lives and the nation, a good harvest will surely come.

The church can explore different levels of engagement with the political system, for instance teaching believers to demand accountability from government officials without running foul of the law or godly principles. It will also be important to lead the way in this regard in the course of interfacing with thieving politicians who throng the church for prayers and veiled endorsements.

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17 thoughts on “Reclaiming Nigeria As We Pray

  1. Most Nigerians expect God to do everything.We forget that God gave us brains so that he can rest.I agree with you that a lot will change if churches and religious institutions generally can help raise proper leaders.Nice piece Tobi.

  2. This is a very informative, short and concise exposition from Adebowale Tobi. I think one of the things destroying this country is the idea of “faithing” everything we do. It saddens my heart so sore when I see a lot of visionless religious activities going on in this country. I do not need to be reasonable to see that it is becoming so glaring in this country that the more religious we became, the more desparaged our society goes. My point here is not to condemn religious activities, and like Tobi has rightly expoused, “I’d rather people understand the situation and pray to receive revelations – solutions they will be involved in working out”.
    I think it is high time we stopped all these visionless, baseless and nothing-to-write-home-about religious practices and started doing things the right way. For instance, of what use is praying without understanding what we are praying about? It is the fact that prayer is good and necessary, but it becomes unprofitable and needless if we don’t do it the right way. I have come to discover that Africa is the most religious continent, yet, it remains the most underdeveloped. Why? You and I know, applying the wrong principle for the right answer.
    I would also like to advert our minds to other issues like leadership. Everyone points accusing fingers on our national, state and other politcal leaders, forgeting the fact that leadership, or mountains of leardership is not all that is. If this nation must be good, then I think it must begin with personal leadership, I.e. ability to lead oneself. Then it progress to the ability to lead few people and on and on.
    As Tobi has rightly mentioned, the church is a very veritable tool with which a lot of things can be done. Churches and their leadership should not extricate themselves from the political life of their members. It is even absurd to hear that some churches condemn politics and its “practitioners”, calling them all manner of unprintable names and things like “qualified candidates of hell”. This shouldn’t be. The church must rise up to the ills confronting our nation; enough of sanctimoniousness! Religious bodies and organization, through the instrumentality of their religious influence must be able to quiz our political leaders, making them accountable to the masses, on whose behalf they hold power in trust.
    I think it is high time we put an end to all these vain and fruitless religious misappropriation. Let’s all take conscious effort in doing what is needful, pray when we ought to and act when we ought to. Most times, we expect God to do for us what we should originally do for ourselves but have been unable to do due to our ineptitude and religious mis-priority.
    Opurum C. Timothy

    • Good and quiet valid points Timothy. It shocks me when some church leaders castigate members for going after political news or for criticizing incompetent leaders in government. Nigeria is a special case, and the church must rise to the task. The “we’re from Zion and not Nigeria attitude does the country no good”. Thanks for dropping by!

  3. nice one Tobi Adebowale *winks* I thought I was the only one that feels Nigerians get it twisted. I try my best to be factual and at the same time stay spiritual even though so many see my controversial mind as un christian. Have really stopped caring.
    @Timothy: you made a writeup already in your reply *laughs*
    I wrote a bit in my blog about the pitiable state of Nigeria (
    The future looks bleak, because our resources are been shared by some people. The national chin chin has become “all for some and not Some for all” Hopefully, we will get it right soon. In the main time, let’s not stop writing and acting
    #God bless Nigeria

    • Lo. Thanks dear. We can be spiritual yet intellectual and thorough in our approach to national issues because the spirit refines our intellect. We must get it right soonest!

  4. Nice one Tobi.
    i can’t imagine what would have happened if David had not gone with his sling and stone to fight Goliath. He prayed and fought. He did his part and God did His. Many Christians are not playing their part. We know how to pray and fast and nothing more. Revelation is KEY.

  5. All I have been saying! We can be decently liberal in religion while we reform our immediate social set-up & society in general. They will say you are too carnal for active citizenry & rebellious for being conscious. Religion has been aptly veiling our reason since inception. Development wouldnot hop at us, we strive for it.

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