Heart of Graffiti

These streets have been quite, sane; clear 
And wordless testaments of conformism 
But this week I choose to light the wick 
Peeping out of the cold wax of defiance 
Thoughts of you will kindle a little flame 
But this wick will burn even in the winds. 

“Post No Bills”; words emblazoned on emulsion 
Shepherding cautious pedestrians into compliance 
Faked smiles on fading posters have disappeared 
Even lengthy revival names on episcopal banners 
But me, I’m lured into defiance by my emotions 
Who can beat me out of priceless heartbeats, for you? 

So, tonight, I dare the municipal council 
I will share with the world, on these city walls 
Treasured images, only my heart has nursed 
Let my sight into the possibility, even if only I try, 
That a soul with soaring beauty defying gravity 
Can weave through colours and brush into a graffiti. 

The city will wake up to ambivalence 
Of how the benevolence of your appearance 
Can at once gratify all aesthetic longings, and touch 
Their hearts, but also tear at their idealist core 
Pray, if they get down the wall graffiti, they can’t 
Cauterize the many hearts it already sits upon. 

(C) Tobi Adebowale,

@tobisammyjay on Twitter.


7 thoughts on “Heart of Graffiti

  1. I’d have to agree wt Highwaylaw…that’s serious…as in, serious! Would have to think deep and employ a dictionary to help analyse its depths.

  2. Hmmmm….perfectly understood now. Well, that poem’s one graffiti that, even though pulled down from d world of internet, would still sit upon d hearts of its readers. Good one, Sammyjay!

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