#ChatUp Series 1, Ep.1

      Image   The following conversation ensued between two dear friends, Tomiwa Ilori (@tomiwa_ilori) and Ademola Bashir (@bashirademola9). It touches lightly on recent political alignments in Nigeria and their possible implications for the Nigerian people. Please enjoy, contribute to the conversation and endeavour to share the page with your friends. Thanks!


BA: Would you love GEJ to return as president?
            T.I.: Determinism. I wouldn’t. But how do we know of a new angel’s disposition as to an already known devil’s?
BA: Have you read about Buhari’s regime? In the past? About his monetary policies and discipline?
            T.I.: I am very aware. I have a book on him.
BA: With the little facts I know about GEJ which a close person told me. Letting GEJ come in again is a wickedness to us all. He can’t lead us to Canaan.
            T.I.: And why are you even sure that Nigerians are ready to leave Egypt?
BA: Exactly bro, we are not ready at all. Tomiwa, we are not ready. Have you heard 200million mumu by Lagbaja?
            T.I.: Yes. The people deserve their rulers.
BA: See, our generation may just do worse. Ha, see Tomiwa I have given up on this country, the only thing I hold unto is, can God do it? Of course He can! But are we ready? No, God cannot move without man.
            T.I.: We will get what we deserve most times, not necessarily what we need let alone want.
BA: I wrote an article on Facebook about 2015, I tagged it “Deepless” and you need to see what a guy commented on it. He supported GEJ and I was in shock. A young man who is in this country yet no wisdom.
            T.I.: Why will you be shocked at someone else’s choice? How do we prune for finesse when we think the same?
BA: You have a point. But d facts are clear!
            T.I.: Facts are not necessarily agreed to when they aren’t in most people’s favor. We should stop expecting of people but on God only who grants grace to our abilities.
BA: See, I instantly lost respect for the guy, he is a great friend but with what you said, I will stop expecting. We can’t all fink d same
            T.I.: Well, I suppose what we should have and often exercise as who we are is tolerating people’s thoughts however riddled with idiocy.
BA: Tomiwa, I am tired of d shallowness
            T.I.: Its God’s way of showing us how to separate the wheat from the tares; and who and what not to take on our journeys. If people follow your line of thought because they want to appease you but hide a hard rock of rebelliousness inside, which would you prefer?
BA: Very true! Profound analysis. But can APC win?
            T.I.: Well, political and personal permutations, they can’t. Existence of a problem is often ignored when trying to fixing it.
BA: Tinubu has the West and Buhari has the north….the people in Niger Delta are not that much, if it’s free and fair, don’t you think that’s a huge number?
             T.I.: Those who wield power are never willing to let it go. If you think that way, why are you not considering the high strength of incumbency? Government and whoever controls it is short of God but higher than any man.


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