A Taste of Things To Come

When you use words, you’re able to keep your mind alive. Writing is my way of reaffirming my own existence. – Gao Xingjian (1940 – )

            I presume this blog has come to have an existence of its own, though with a life whose continual force is dependent on the diligence and convenience of another. It is however my responsibility, I presume, to breathe life into its pages every now and then not only for the assumed benefit of expected readers but much more for the certified relief of my burdened mind. I doubt many conscientious writers will disagree with me when I say writing is at once a therapy to self and to the society, with the latter supposedly consisting of intellectuals, literary enthusiasts, voyeurs and other classes of people our imaginations can create.

The above said, it is my desire to express myself for ease through this platform and in the coming months, I hope to do so in varied ways. I am afraid when it comes to my reading/writing taste, I am one you could described as “anywhere belle-face” just as my secondary school friends used to describe my shooting skills on our little football field. I am not much of a footballer, I admit. However, don’t be surprised if I write on football on any day the Super Eagles play or my favorite though now-floundering Manchester United decide to return to winning ways. I am also deeply passionate about Nigeria and as such, you are assured to be teased with samplings of my ideas on nation-building even as I hope we can have robust conversations in the same regard. Poetry is a continuing attraction for me and I humbly intend to share tottering compositions from time past as well as newer works, hoping I perhaps can get some conversations started that will help me do better.

I happen to have a good number of immensely talented writers as friends, and I will be doing the world a great disservice by not plastering the walls of my little corner with their works. It will be both an act of selfishness and nonchalance to the world’s learning needs. There will also be excerpts of our conversations online under a segment I’ve chosen to call “ChatUp”. I write fiction too and I hope to share when I can.

My immense appreciations in advance to you, for your continued belief and endless return. Have a great year.

Tobi Adebowale.

@tobisammyjay on Twitter.  Image


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